2020 Reading Challenge. A fun, 52 week reading challenge to introduce you to new books and diversify your reading.

2020 Reading Challenge

Last year, I decided to create a reading challenge to help diversify my reading. Even though I got busy and wasn’t able to finish the challenge, I had a lot of fun with the items I was able to complete, so I decided to give it another shot this year with a new list.

If you are interested in following along with me, I will be using the hashtag #PixieReading2020 to track my progress on Instagram. And if you have little ones, you might be interested in my 52 Week Preschool Reading Challenge.

2020 Reading Challenge

  1. A book published in 2010
  2. Written by an indie author
  3. A book with “Library” in the title
  4. A book with an average 3-star rating on Amazon
  5. A spy novel
  6. A book with food on the cover
  7. On display at a local bookstore or library
  8. A book about siblings
  9. A book with the letter X
  10. An audiobook
  11. A book by Nora Roberts
  12. A graphic novel
  13. A book with pirates
  14. A book with a six-word title
  15. A book from Reese Witherspoon’s book club
  16. A YA historical fiction
  17. Written by an author from your state or region
  18. A book set in France
  19. A book being adapted to TV/Film this year.
  20. A contemporary romance
  21. Written by Stephen King
  22. A book set in a snowy climate
  23. A book that will teach you a new skill
  24. A book based on Greek mythology
  25. A book from the GoodReads Best Books of 2019 list
  26. A psychological thriller
  27. A book you own but haven’t read yet
  28. Based on a true story
  29. A book with “Daughter” in the title
  30. Set in India
  31. A book to make you think
  32. A book by an author of a different ethnicity than your own
  33. A book about oppression
  34. A book with “Cafe” in the title
  35. Written by two people
  36. Based on African mythology
  37. A book written by an author under 21
  38. A book about a god or goddess
  39. A magical realism
  40. A book where the main character is under 12 years old
  41. A book over 700 pages
  42. A book with a wizard
  43. A memoir written by a male author
  44. A book with flowers on the cover
  45. A book without romance
  46. Let someone pick out a book for you
  47. A book to make you smile
  48. Written by Jane Austen
  49. A controversial book
  50. A biography
  51. A book with a yellow cover
  52. A book with royalty

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