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25 Bookish Things About Me

Hey guys! I got this cute post idea from Lorna at Gin & Lemonade. I enjoyed reading the post so much I thought I’d give it go myself!

  1. My favorite times to read are when the moon is up and the rain is loud.
  2. I hate book jackets.
  3. I have at least five books checked out from the library at all times.
  4. I prefer paperback books to hardback.
  5. I reread books like I rewatch movies. I’ve read The Hobbit at least five times.
  6. I’m an underliner and marginal note taker.
  7. Books about books instantly make my reading list.
  8. My go-to genres are magical realism, literary fiction, YA, and recently historical fiction.
  9. I made my little sister read Pride and Prejudice during a power outage when she was fiveā€¦I was fourteen.
  10. I either finish a book in two days or a month; there is no in between.
  11. I believe it is important to reread books at different stages in our lives because perspectives change. I hated reading Animal Farm in high school, but I actually enjoy it now.
  12. When packing for a trip, I always bring at least two books.
  13. I miss my English classes from college. I love discussing literature and those professors are some of the best people I’ve met. 
  14. I love reading author bios.
  15. I prefer used books over new books because the pages hold more history. 
  16. My favorite reading snack is Earl Grey tea and some sort of pastry.
  17. I don’t offer to let people borrow my books, but if someone asks I won’t say no.
  18. I’ve recently found a liking for mysteries/thrillers. If you have recommendations, please share!
  19. I judge a book by its cover. (I know, I know)
  20. I love the musky smell of old books.
  21. I will speed through a series, but then have the hardest time finishing the last book.
  22. One of the things I miss most from pre-motherhood is reading a book late into the night until my vision would start to get blurry from sleep, and then picking the book up again first thing when I woke up.
  23. I hate being read to and will only listen to audiobooks while I’m cleaning.
  24. I love watching movies/tv shows adapted from books. Even the tacky, horrible ones that get it all wrong. 
  25. I will also pick apart said movies/tv shows. 

What are some bookish facts about you? And I’m serious about the book recommendations! Leave me some in the comments!  

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