DIY Bread Clay Recipe

DIY Bread Clay Recipe

Finley’s preschool is currently working on a bread unit, which I’m obviously excited about, and they sent home a really fun activity that I want to share with you all. This bread clay was really easy to make and both of my kids were able to participate.

A couple of notes:

  • I decided to use Elmer’s Metallic Glue and Elmer’s Color Changing glue instead of regular white school glue because it’s what we had on hand. (We usually use it to make slime.) Regular white school glue is less sticky, so you might need less bread.
  • Since we used two different types of Elmer’s glue, I split the crumbs into two separate bowls and poured one bottle into each bowl. We also didn’t use food coloring because the glue was already colored.

Bread Clay Recipe


  • 12-14 pieces of bread with the crusts removed
  • 8 oz. of school glue
  • bowl for mixing
  • flour (optional)
  • food coloring (optional)
Elmer's glue and bread for DIY bread clay craft.


1. In a large bowl, have your kid(s) rip and tear the bread into small pieces; the smaller the crumbs the better.

2. Once the bread is broken up, squeeze the glue bottles into the bowl. Using your hands, mix the bread and glue together until a dough begins to form. If it feels sticky, add more bread. If it is too crumbly, you might need to add more glue.

3. Once the dough is formed, remove it from the bowl and knead it on a flat surface. It helps to use flour for this part so it doesn’t stick, or you can just knead it in your hands. This is also when you would add in your food coloring if you are using any. Once you are done kneading, you will have fun and stretchy bread clay.

This activity kept the girls entertained for well over an hour, which is rare for them, and it was really easy to make.

DIY Bread clay made with Elmer's glue.

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