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DIY Seed Keeper

This post was originally published on our old Fennel and Fir website. 

This week was my little sister’s 16th Birthday. Sixteen, guys! I can’t believe how fast she is turning into a young woman.

This past year she has gotten really into gardening. She grew a nice array of plants this summer including some vegetables, herbs, and avocado trees. Since the season is coming to an end she has begun collecting and harvesting seeds for next year. I figured she is going to need somewhere safe to keep all of these seeds, so, I decided to make her a seed keeper.

It wasn’t my original intention to do a blog post on this, but, since it turned out much better than I expected it to, I thought I’d share with you guys.

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DIY Seed Keeper

What you need:

Card Stock
Hole Punch
Seed Envelopes
Glue Stick
Something to write with
Washi Tape/Tape

DIY Seed Keeper | PNW Pixie

For this project I decided to use an Avery 5.5×8.5 3-ringed binder. You could use any binder really, but this is what I had on hand and it worked perfectly. I wanted to add my own design to the cover, so I cut the clear plastic pocket of and used a metallic sharpie to apply my own calligraphy.

For the inside pages I picked up some card stock from Michael’s and ordered these seed envelopes from Amazon. I used a 3-hole punch to punch holes into each of the sheets. I then used a glue stick to apply each of the envelopes to one of the pages.

Using my marker, I wrote the name of each of the seeds I had on the top of the page and wrote all the planting and harvesting information on the back of each sheet. I then added the seeds to the corresponding envelopes and sealed them with some glittery Washi tape.


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DIY Seed Keeper | PNW Pixie

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