Fairy Garden Party at Schilter Family Farm
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Fairy Garden Party at Schilter Farms

Happy Saturday, guys! Today Fin and I left Lox with my mom and sister and had a little mommy and me date. We drove out to Schilter Family Farms for a fairy garden party and I just had to share it with you guys.

Schilter Family Farm is a 180-acre family run farm in Olympia, WA that we typically visit in the fall for the pumpkin patch and festival. This was my first time attending the fairy garden party, but it was such a fun event that I can’t wait to go back next year with both girls. I decided to just take Finley because I was worried that Loxley was a bit too young to really get the full experience and that she would get overwhelmed, but it was so laid back that she probably would have enjoyed it too.

Tickets are bought in advance on the Schilter website and they invite you and your kid(s) to dress up as a fairy or gnome for the party, which is so much fun. Finley wore her butterfly wings with her Wildflower tee from Raising Tito and black maxi from Hello Boho Babe.

DIY Fairy Garden

The garden party takes place in the main barn and they have a lot of fun activities for the kids to take part in. Since we got there early, we were in the first group to make our DIY fairy garden, and I think this was my favorite part. Finley got to pick out every detail, from plant types and placement to which fairy would be living in the garden. While picking out her items she was very specific (just look at that purple basil). She even told the woman helping us, “I want that cute little puppy next to the pig,” but only after realizing there were no penguins. (I think making a winter fairy garden is next on our to-do list.)

Fairy Feast + Story Time

After making our garden we walked over to the fairy feast for some snacks before story time. The decor in the barn was absolutely beautiful. There were string lights hanging from the ceiling and each table was dressed in a white tablecloth and a jar of tulips on a moss plate. The buffet table displayed a few different snacks that were easy to munch on and didn’t make a mess.

At story time we gathered around a book fairy to learn all about fairies and their favorite hiding places. This was Fin’s first public story time and she had a lot of fun watching the other kids react to what the storyteller was saying.

Face Painting and Photo Ops

The left side of the barn was set up for crafts, photos, face painting, and the petting zoo. This was Fin’s favorite part. After taking some fun photos and getting her face painted, Fin got to make her very own fairy bubble wand out of pipe cleaners and craft beads. We then dipped the wand in soap and blew bubbles while taking more pictures.

I really liked the way this event was set up. The fairy garden making and storytelling were happening every 15 minutes, so nothing ever felt crowded or hectic, and it allowed people to wander and check out the other activities while they waited for their turn.

If you’re in or near the Olympia area, I recommend checking this out next year, and definitely visit Schilter Family Farm in the fall for the festival.

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