Friday Favorites: Week 1

Friday Favorites: Week 1

Happy Friday, guys! I wanted to start a new series where I share a few of my favorite things from each week. I feel like a stumble upon a lot of share-worthy things (things that I find cool, anyway) and I wanted to create a place to share them with you guys.

Rim of the Word

I watched this with my mom over the weekend and absolutely loved it. It’s not at all what I expected it to be. It’s about four kids that meet at a summer camp and basically, have to save the world from aliens. This movie is really funny and packed full of pop culture references. If you have Netflix I recommend giving Rim of the World a shot.

This Crochet Pattern

I learned how to crochet a few months back while I had the flu and it has been nonstop since. Last week, I got a bunch of yarn on clearance at Michael’s and didn’t really know what to do with it. I like to crochet while I watch TV at night, so I wanted to find a pattern that I could walk away from and come back to without feeling lost. I found this one from Kristine In Between and it is perfect for what I was looking for.

Currently Reading: Legendary

So, I haven’t quite started Legendary yet, but I plan on getting into it today. I didn’t like Caraval has much as I was hoping, (you can find my review, here), so I’ve been putting off reading Legendary, but I have to return it to the library soon and I refuse to give it back without reading it.

Dropps Dish Tabs

Dropps has become my favorite brand for laundry and dishwashing. The products are easy to use, very well priced, and eco-friendly. Dropps eliminates single-use plastic with recyclable & compostable cardboard packaging that doubles as the shipping container and is shipped right to your door. I love the look of things stored in mason jars, but the box they come in is a perfect storage container. If you would like to try them out, feel free to use my referral code to get $10 off your order.

Rainchild Apothecary Cleansing Dough

I picked this up at a local night market last month and it is so good, guys! It has the texture of dough in the jar, but once you have it in your hand and add some water it turns into a beautifully fizzy exfoliating cleanser. I use this about 2-3 times a week and I love the way my skin is feeling. The owner, Chelsea, offers other handcrafted botanical products in her shop that I definitely worth taking a look at.

Funny Things My Kids Say Journal

I was so excited when this journal came in the mail last week. It is a journal for tracking all of the funny things your kids say (like the name says), which is perfect since I’ve been writing all of the girls’ quotes on sticky notes. I preordered it from Write To Me at the beginning of May, and it’s just what I was hoping for. It has a teal linen cover that is gold embossed with woodless paper on the inside. The company is run by two sisters out of Australia who started the business with only $400. They have a bunch of different journals to choose from, so check them out.

Currently Watching:

I ton of shows premiered this week, so there has been a lot of TV watching going on over here. On Friday, Good Omens started, which I have been looking forward to for months. Then Fear the Walking Dead came back on Sunday, with the premiere of NOS4A2 after it. And of course Handmaid’s Tale came back on Wednesday, and we’ve already binged the first three episodes. I really enjoyed each one of these premieres in different ways and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

The Girls by Lauren Ace

We got this children’s book in the mail a few weeks ago for an Instagram book tour, and we are still reading it a couple times a week. It follows the friendship of four girls as they grow into adults. It is such a beautiful and timeless story and the artwork is stunning. With lessons of kindness, friendship, and growing up, this book is a must have.

How’s My Week

This week seemed to fly by, which bums me out a bit because I love June so much. Finley drew the cutest (and somewhat creepy) picture of Mickey for her sister. She’s never really been a big fan of coloring so I love seeing the artist in her starting to develop.

I also seem prone to injuries this week. I hurt my foot somehow and then I smacked myself in the face with the door by accident and was convinced I broke my nose. It’s not broken, but its got a nice bruise and it hurts.

We are expecting thunderstorms today, which are my favorite, so I think it’s going to be a good day.

How is your week going? What are some of the things you found share-worthy this week? Did you watch Rim of the World? Let’s discuss!

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A collection of share-worthy things I've stumbled upon this week, including Rim of the World, fun products like Dropps and Rainchild Apothecary, and what I'm currently reading.


  • How did you learn to crochet? I would love to learn!!! I’m going to look into that cleanser it sounds wonderful. I love this weekly round up!

    • Thank you, Brittney! I taught myself to crochet through youtube videos about 6 months ago. I started with the single crochet and practiced by making a little swatch with all single crochets. I did the same thing with the double, half-double, and triple crochet stitches. It’s a lot easier than it seems, just takes a minute to get the hang of it.

      I love that cleanser and I love that it’s from a local shop! I got my mom the Mugwort Dream Drops for Mother’s Day too.

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