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Friday Favorites: Week 2

This week was crazy busy, guys! We went to the zoo on Saturday, did some housework on Sunday, and then had non-stop appoints all week. Every. Single. Day. It’s good though, I’m tired, but it’s good. I feel like I got a ton accomplished, which definitely helps relieve some stress. Also, my baby sister’s last day of high school is today! She graduates next week and it just blows my mind! (Feeling old yet mom? Just kidding, you’re a goddess and will always be 30 in my eyes.)

Anyway, I somewhat recreated a photo of my sister and cousin with Fin and Lox and I really wanted to share it, so I am. Now, here are my Friday Favorites.

Target Clearance Shirt

I don’t know about you guys, but I always find great deals in the Target clearance section. The girls and I were at Target over the weekend to pick up something that I can’t even remember and of course, I did a quick stop at the clearance clothes. I spotted this shirt almost instantly, and not only was it in my size, but it was $4.48! So naturally, I had to get it. My kids are always destroying my clothes, so I love finding items for cheap. I also saw a button-up shirt I bought full price a few months ago marked down to half price. That one hurt a bit. Also, has your local Target been remodeled? Ours just got a complete revamp and it is beautiful!

Homemade Sourdough Bread

So I killed Liam. If you don’t know who Liam is, it was the name of my sourdough starter. I read somewhere that you should always give your starter a name, so that’s what I call him. A couple of weeks ago I got really bad about remembering to feed it and it started smelling like paint remover so I tossed it. I read later on that that’s actually a fixable problem, but it was too late for poor Liam by then.

Anyway, I had to start from scratch so we haven’t had fresh bread for about a month. Monday morning, Frida (that’s the name of my new starter) was looking nice and bubbly so I cooked up two loaves and my whole day was made. If you haven’t had homemade bread I feel like I should advise you against it because it has ruined the store bought stuff for me, but really, you should definitely try it.

Currently Reading

I really didn’t get much reading done at all this week with all of the appointments, so I didn’t actually start reading Legendary until this morning. I’m about to fly through this one this weekend though since it’s definitely overdue at the library. Next on my list is Crooked Kingdom.

For the girls, we’ve been reading Say Something by Peter H. Reynolds. I got this book for free from Scholastic Parents and I absolutely love the message it sends. The book explores the many ways that your voice can make a difference and encourages readers to use their unique voice when they have something to say. I will be sharing more about this book on Instagram this week, so keep an eye out.

Imperfect Produce

I posted a review a couple of days ago about this company, but it’s really one of my favorite things so I had to share it here too. If you’re interested in learning more about it you can check out the review, here.

This Dryer Ball Combo

I gave up using dryer sheets a while back and replaced them with wool dryer balls instead. I’ve tried out a few different scent combinations, but this one is my absolute favorite! I just put a couple drops of both Patchouli and Tangerine essential oil on the dryer ball and toss it in. I love the way the scent lingers long after it has been taken out of the dryer, and our laundry room smells amazing!

Ice Cream Truck Experiences

This is probably the winner of this week’s favorites. Do you remember running after the ice cream truck as a kid? Burning your feet on the asphalt as you raced down the street with your dollar bill from mom or dad? It is such a classic experience so it’s one of the first things we checked off of our summer bucket list. The girls absolutely love buying their ice cream from the truck. We heard the song at night and ran outside in our pjs. We ate them outside the next day because I just knew they were going to make the biggest mess, and then we played in the sprinkler after. Be prepared though, ice cream prices have gone up. Strawberry shortcake bars are $2 now and snowcones are $3.

How is the weather where you are? It’s been pretty hot this week in the PNW. Have you tried out dryer balls? Or made your own sourdough? Let’s discuss!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Week 2”

  1. Ok First! I need this sourdough recipe I never tried it but would love too! Second! That recreated picture is the best!!!!! Love that you did! Such a great idea!!!

  2. I love the picture you recreated! So cute 😍🥰I’ve always been curious about the dryer balls, I think I’ll try them soon! The weather here in Miami’s been a bit crazy; one moment it’s beautiful and sunny, the next it’s pouring rain!

    1. Haha, I remember the weather in Florida being like that. Those random downpours are crazy! And definitely try the dryer balls! They are better for you AND will save you money in the long-run.

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