Friday Favorites: Week 3

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Happy Friday and happy Solstice! It is officially the first day of summer, so what fun things do you have planned? My little sister graduated this week and I was my birthday the day after, so we’ve been pretty busy here. We are going strawberry picking this weekend and then it’s off to the circus on Wednesday.

Last night, I tried watching Love, Rosie on Netflix, with Lily Collins and Sam Claflin (who I just adore), but it stopped working in the last 10 minutes of the movie so I have no idea how it ends! (I will finish it tonight though, so no worries.) This happened to me the other night while I was watching Wine Country too, and I am pretty sure Netflix is playing games with me. Anyway, if you haven’t seen Love, Rosie or Wine Country, they are both super cute and you should give them a try. Now for my Friday Favorites.


Moxie, our chocolate lab, is pretty old. Her sight it going and she’s got arthritis, so she doesn’t like to move around too much. She’s been licking the carpet a lot lately so we were looking for something that would be soothing and entertaining for her. A friend of mine recommended Lickimat a couple of weeks ago, and it’s an absolute winner. I smear peanut butter on one of the mats once a day, and she gets about 30-45 minutes of entertainment out of it. Since it is a two pack, and each mat is different, I alternate that mats each day. If you have an old dog or a dog in general, these are great to have on hand.

The Daughter’s of Temperance Hobbs

I have to share this one with you because it releases next week and I adore this book. The Daughters of Temperance Hobbs is a new novel from Katherine Howe. I got the chance to review an advance copy of this book and I was quite happy with it. It reads as a standalone novel but also acts as a sequel to her book, The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane. You don’t need to read the first book to understand the new one, but I recommend giving them both a go. You can read my full review of The Daughters of Temperance Hobbs, here.

Currently Reading

I’m on the last few pages of Legendary and then I’m starting on City of Brass. June has been a busy month for me and I feel like it is taking me forever to get through books, but I’m determined to reach my goal of four this month. Look for my thoughts on Legendary in my monthly book review post on the 1st.

Family Game night

One of the things my family likes to do is get together and play board games. We got a few new board games last week that I thought you all might be interested in.


SMARTish is a trivia game that I think anyone could play. Up to 4 individuals or 4 teams work their way around a game board by answering questions correctly.

Body Talk

Body Talk is like a game of charades with a twist. You get a word from a selection of nine. Then you roll the die, which tells you what part of your body (head, legs, torso, body without head) you can use to get everyone else to guess the word. The words options are silly and current (beefcake, turnt, adorkable), which makes for a lot of laughs.

Master Debaters

If your group is known for getting into debates, Master Debaters is a game to try out! You are going to want to play this one with a group of people since you will need two debaters, a judge, and a jury each round. The topics that are up for debate range from plastic surgery to “are cats like humans?”, and you never know which side you will be on until you roll the dice. We had a lot of fun with this game, so definitely check it out.

Blog For Profit Podcast

I recently started listening to The Blog For Profit Podcast from Cassie Scroggins and it has really helped to give me a better understanding of driving traffic to my blog. I can be a bit stubborn when it comes to taking advice, but I really like the way Cassie breaks it down, and I’ve seen some significant growth after implementing her tips.

Do you play board games? What are some of your favorites? Also, any dog toy recommendations for an old dog? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Happy Friday and happy Solstice! It is officially the first day of summer, so what fun things do you have planned? Here are some of my favorites from the week. 

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  • I’m gonna have to check out those shows. We love boardgames those ones look fun our favorite lately is monopoly empire it doesn’t take as long as the original monopoly which is nice and still fun.

    • I would love monopoly empire! Monopoly is one of my favorite games, but my family doesn’t really like it because it takes so long. I wonder if they would like this one better?

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