Friday Favorites: Week 5

Happy Friday and if you’re in the U.S., hope you had a happy 4th! We are currently in Illinois visiting family, so this might be a quick Friday Favorites, but I wanted to make sure to get one out, so here are some of my favorites this week.


If you haven’t seen the live-action remake of Dumbo you definitely should. I took Fin to see this a few months ago as her first movie and we loved it. They were playing it on our flight over here and I was happy to watch it again (without sound this time because I gave the girls my headphones, but still.)

Lime-Vinegar Cleaner

I made a batch of this before we left for Illinois, so I wanted to share. Making citrus vinegar cleaner is so easy and one of my favorite DIYs. We stopped buying commercial cleaners about a year ago and replaced them with the citrus cleaner instead. I usually use a mix a citrus peels, but we had a ton of limes that were about to go bad, so I juiced them, threw the limes in a jar, and covered them in vinegar. Let them sit for a week or two then drain the liquid into a spray bottle about halfway and fill the rest with water. It’s super easy to make and works on everything.

Amazon Fire Kids

The girls don’t use their Amazon Fire Kids tablets often but they have been so helpful on this trip. We had an issue with one of them not working at on the plane, so they ended up fighting over one, but even having just one was helpful. If you have Amazon Prime or Amazon FreeTime Unlimited you can download some of the Prime shows for a certain amount of time so they have something to watch when there isn’t access to the internet. We had a ton of Daniel Tiger and Creative Galaxy for the plan ride. I will have a post coming next week sometime on what worked for us on the plane and what didn’t, so keep a lookout for that.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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