Friday Favorites: Week 7

Happy Saturday! I completely forgot to do my Friday favorites yesterday, so here is a special Saturday Edition.

Back to School Shopping At Target

Back to school season is probably one of my favorite times to be in stores, especially at Target. It has been a bit since I’ve been in school and I’ve still got a couple of years until Finley starts Kindergarten, but I LOVE shopping for school supplies. Journals, pens, and sticky notes are my weakness. I will be taking a few classes this fall, so I’ve got somewhat of an excuse to shop this year, but really, I just love it.

Tuthi Tea

Tuthi Tea sent me one of their teas to try and I have to say, I’m a fan. If you haven’t heard of Tuthi, they are a company dedicated sharing simple, effective yet natural oral health care solutions that make an impact. The tea I got was Restore, which is a herbal blend of ginger, lemongrass, rosehip, apple, peppermint, cardamom, chamomile, echinacea, and parsley.

Tuthi also is dedicated to giving back. 10% of the profits go towards helping individuals in our local communities who don’t have access to affordable dental care. If you are a tea drinker, give Tuthi a try!

Washington’s Weather

The weather here lately has been amazing! It is no secret that I am not a fan of hot weather. I like the sun and the occasional hot summer day, but I really don’t handle anything over 80 degrees very well. For the past couple of weeks, we have had some gorgeous rainy-ish days, with temperatures sitting in the upper 60s.

Currently Reading

I’ve got the end of Immortalists to finish up tonight and then I’m moving on to Wilder Girls. If you haven’t heard of this book, check out my post on it here. It’s basically a feminist version of Lord of the Flies and I can’t wait to devour it.

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