January Mini Reviews

My January reading didn’t go as well as I hoped it would. The flu hit our house pretty hard and recovering took a lot more time than I expected it to. I got over it pretty quickly (which I swear is thanks to the fire cider), but the girls had a fever for almost a week and they are still dealing with the cough that comes after. I had a goal of reading eight books this month and I only finished four (not including Peter Pan and the gazillion other children’s stories I read to the girls at bedtime), but life happens and I will get to those books eventually. In the meantime, here are some mini-reviews of the books I was able to finish this month.

Mini Reviews

The Little Shop of Found Things by Paula Brackston: 5/5 I really enjoyed reading this book and I found Xanthe to be an authentic and likable protagonist. Parts of it were a bit slow for me, but I think that was because I was eager to solve the mystery and find out the fate of Alice. I’m excited to hear that this is a series and that we will get to return to Xanthe’s world. The scenes with Samuel were some of my favorites, so I’m hoping to see him return in future books, but I could also understand if adventures take her elsewhere.

Glow by Aubrey Hadley: 2/5 I have some mixed feelings about this book. I was excited after reading the synopsis and the first hundred pages or so, but then the story fell flat for me. I was looking forward to reading about the Maasai Mara Sleeping Syndrom and how a seventeen-year-old girl locked in quarantine investigates the conspiracy surrounding it, and I never got that story. None of the characters caught my interest and the over explaining of the alien worlds left me bored. I wanted to like this book because there were some really interest concepts involved, but the plot lacked the urgency and suspense to keep me hooked and the characters were forgettable.

Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee: 4/5 I really enjoyed reading this book and have caught myself quoting it a few times. It was fun looking up the different places and objects mentioned as I read through the book. I found some of the examples in the middle of the book to be repetitive, but overall it was a well researched and uplifting read.

I also finished The Daughter’s of Temperance Hobbs this month. You can find that review, here.

What’s on your reading list for Februrary? I’m hoping to catch up on some of the books I missed last month so I can reach my goal of 100 books read this year.

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  • I´ve been hearing about joyful for a while and debating if I should get it. It sounds nice! Thanks! I´m in the middle of like a 100 books lol but for February I want to finish An Autobiography by Agatha Christie, You are a Badass and The Tripoli Pirates. Enjoy your reading!

    • Thank you for stopping by! I’m currently in the middle of a bunch of books too, which never happens to me but I could decide what to read next so I just started reading all of them. Joyful is definitely worth the read! I loved You Are A Badass and An Autobiography by Agatha Christie sounds interesting. Enjoy your reading 🙂

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