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6 Reasons To Add Some Citrus To Your Life

1. Mood Therapy Citrus essential oils are my favorite form of mood boosting aromatherapy. Oils such as grapefruit, wild orange, lemon, and tangerine are incredibly aromatic and great to use in mists, diffusers, and baths. Red mandarin is a great oil to wear topically since is isn’t photosensitive and doesn’t have to be avoided when …

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Ultimate List Of Essential Oils Tools
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The Ultimate List of Essential Oils Tools

*This post contains affiliate links. This post was originally published on fennelandfir.com, but has been transitioned over to our new website.  When you first get started using essential oils it can be confusing and overwhelming. It’s hard to use your oils properly if you don’t have the right equipment and education and figuring out what …

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