Skillet Bean Dip

This easy-to-make refried bean dip comes together in minutes and then bakes until hot and bubbly. Serve this up straight from the skillet with a big bowl of tortilla chips for an easy appetizer.

orange curd dripping from a spoon into a small mason jar

Orange Curd

This bright and buttery orange curd is perfect for spreading on a warm English muffin or drizzling over homemade pancakes.

raspberry bars stacked on parchment paper

Easy Raspberry Bars

Bursting with fresh raspberry flavor and a melt-away cookie base, these raspberry bars are a sweet and tangy treat that you’ll want to make for every summer get-together.

Mini Blueberry Cream Pies

Mini Blueberry Cream Pies

A light and fluffy blueberry cream pie in perfect, single-sized servings. Made with fresh blueberries and homemade whipped cream, this is the best summertime dessert.

Classic lemon tarts

Classic Lemon Tarts

Dreamy, tangy lemon tarts with a crisp cookie-like crust. This sweet, classic treat is easy to make and is the best after-dinner dessert.