Tips for Day Trips with Kids

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We aren’t a family that does a ton of long-distance traveling, but one of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to pick somewhere local and go on a day trip with the girls. It’s an easy way to get out of the house and have some fun that also doesn’t cost a ton of money or need major planning.

Bring Your Food

Bringing your own food is huge if you are looking to save money, and it gives you more control over your trip and what you are eating than if you had to stop somewhere on the way. It a great idea to pack snacks as well as lunch if you are going for a full day.

Armour LunchMakers® + Drink are a great option for a take-along lunch. I like these because they are easy to pack, don’t make a mess, and they have better for you options like fruit punch made from 100% juice and a treat made with real fruit.

Some good snack ideas to take along would be anything that is easy to grab and easy to clean. Chips, chopped fruit, and pretzels are all great options. The Ham & American Cheese LunchMakers® + Drink and Turkey & American Cheese LunchMakers® + Drink also work well as snacks.

Make A Checklist

I am notorious for forgetting something every time we go somewhere, because, really, it’s hard to remember it all. To combat this, I am also an avid list maker. I will write things down as I think of them and then check it off once it is packed or in the car.

Car Sickness

If you are driving long distances or get stuck in traffic and have a little one who gets carsick, a bit of extra preparation will make your life so much easier. I not only have a kid who gets carsick, but I also am sensitive to it, so I wanted to share some of the things we’ve learned that help.

Don’t travel with a full or empty stomach. Instead, we make sure to have snacks on hand. Easy to grab, non-messy snacks are the best option.

Keep your eyes on the road. I don’t let my kids use things like tablets or books in the car because it can contribute to car sickness. Instead, tell them to look out the window or watch the road.

Crack a window. Cool air can sometimes help keep car sickness at bay. I always crack a window on long road trips, even in the winter.

Smell peppermint. This is one I’ve used for a while and it works great with my kids as well. Peppermint essential oil, leaves, or even the smell of peppermint chewing gum can help.

Bring a change of clothes. Since we have someone who is prone to car sickness, I make sure to keep a change of clothes on hand. It’s good to have a spray bottle with water and a towel as well.

Tips for Day Trips with Kids. A list of tips and tricks we use to make roads trips go more smoothly. | PNW Pixie

Plan Ahead

Day trips don’t require a ton of planning, but it is a good idea to plan a little. The first time we went to the Tulip Festival, I hadn’t done my research and didn’t realize it would be so muddy. We had the wrong shoes on and were slipping everywhere. A tiny bit of planning will help things run a lot smoother.

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#ad Tips for Day Trips with Kids. A list of tips and tricks we use to make roads trips go more smoothly. | PNW Pixie #LunchMakersClub #collectivebias

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