Vendaros Circus at Wright Park is a must-see!

Venardos Circus at Wright Park

I received free tickets to the show to run a ticket giveaway on Instagram. The post is not sponsored by Venardos Circus and all opinions are my own.

If Venardos Circus comes through your town, this is a show you must make time to see! My sister and I took Finley to the opening show at Wright Park in Tacoma and it was so much fun. It is a family-friendly circus show with Broadway-style performances, juggling, comedy, acrobatics, and more.

Creator Kevin Venardos calls it “the little circus that could,” and shares the story of his dream during the show. The show was first performed in 2014 with a cast of six people at the LA county fair and a small tent that they used as a backdrop. Today it is an all-American traveling circus manned by a diverse group people seeking to reinvent the American circus tradition.

Venardos Circus Opening Night

The opening night performance at Wright Park started at 7 pm with a pre-show at 6 pm. We made to the tent around 5:50 pm and there were already quite a few people there, so I suggested getting there early for the best seats. However, we were seated off to the side and still had a good view of the show. They had a concession stand on the other side of the tent, where we got popcorn and lemonade, and Finley got her first taste of cotton candy.

The show was lively and creative, and everything you’d hope to get from a circus, with a little Broadway mixed in. There were a mother and son from Budapest that did a juggling act, a husband and wife team from Havana that did a beautiful routine and balancing act, and a family of three from Romania that did daring flips and an act with crossbows. There was also comedy, aerialists, and of course Kevin Venardos’ musical acts. Each act brought in different elements that made you laugh, thrilled, or in awe, but always left you smiling. I loved Kevin’s ability to tell a story, both vocally and visually, and wrap it into a beautiful performance with a brilliant cast of artists.

The cast and crew were so friendly and interactive, from chatting in the entry line and concessions to pulling people up on stage during performances. We even got a picture after the show. With a show about dreams and feats, it’s impossible not to leave feeling joyful and inspired.

The show is vivid, inspiring, and full of dreams. Thanks to Venardos Circus we were able to create memories that will always be cherished. We can’t wait to see the show again next year!

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