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Happy Sunday guys! We had quite a lot going on the past couple weeks, so I didn’t have a ton of time for reading.(Check out our adventure to Deception Pass, here.) To make sure I had enough books for a good list, I decided to combine this week and last week’s haul into one post.

Since I will be starting on the second part of my herbalism course soon, I’ve stuck to the same theme of herbs. When picking out books for the girl, all of our choices this week sparked imagination in some way.


For Mama

Healing Herbs

I would love to start my own garden one day, so I really enjoyed reading this book. It has great tips for those who are interested in growing, harvesting, and storing their own herbs for medicinal use. If you’re into homesteading or sustainable herbalism, this is a great book to check out.

Medicinal Plants At Home

This is a great read for anyone looking to support their family with herbs. It is filled with tons of easy and practical remedies for an assortment of things.

Herbal Medicine Natural Remedies

This book has so much to offer and comes in the ebook book form so you can always have it with you. I love how it starts out with the history of herbalism throughout the world. It then goes into cultivation and safety before giving you recipes and information on individual herbs.



For The Girls

They All Saw A Cat

This book is such a cute and simple way to teach perspective to your child. I love the different art techniques used on each page, and the simplicity of the words helped keep Finley’s attention.
Quick tip: This book is available from Kindle Unlimited. I love having ebooks on my phone for quick entertainment in places like restaurants and the doctor’s office.

The Whisper

This was such a wonderful read and definitely spoke to the writer in me. I love that it encourages the use of imagination and invites kids to make up their own stories as well.

On A Magical Do-Nothing Day

I think this is a book that many kids will be able to relate to. In our current technological world, kids often forget how powerful their minds can be. Growing up, my grandmother didn’t believe in being bored. If we said “there is nothing to do,” she would respond with, “I can give you something to do,” … which usually involved cleaning. She knew that we had endless ways to entertain ourselves if we just took a step back and put some thought into it. Video games, while fun and beneficial, do a lot of the imagining for us, and I like that this book shows a child utilizing both.

A River

We read this book multiple times before returning it to library. The cover of this book is what initially caught my attention and the beautiful artwork continues throughout. I loved how easy it was to read for a story that offered so much.

This Is Sadie

I absolute adore Sadie and her world of imagination. I think what I loved most is how much she reminds me of my own daughters. For any of you raising wild girls of your own, I definitely recommend adding this to your list.



If you have any book recommendations I’d love to hear them! Leave a comment below or email me at .

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Weekly Reads: Herbalism and Imagination. This week at the library we picked up books that focused on herbalism, and children's books that spark imagination.

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