Let me introduce myself , I’m Corisa !!

Hi there! I’m Corisa, and I’m thrilled that you stopped by. I started PNW Pixie as a creative outlet to share recipes, book recommendations, and entertaining bits of magic for like-minded women.

As a single mom of two, I understand that life can get hectic. We exist in a world focused on optimizing time and much of our days are spent staring at a screen. Connecting with others over a meal is slowly becoming a lost art and human connection through conversation is slipping away. I wanted to be a resource for how to slow down and effortlessly bring back the basics. My aim is not only to help people enjoy cooking fun meals at home but bring people back to the table and get them talking again.

About Me

The Universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.

Eden Phillpotts
I’ve wanted to tell stories for as long as I can remember. I grew up with a big family full of many different personalities and many stories to tell. Dinner has always been a family event, eaten around the table, and filled with conversations from the day. My mom would tell us stories about growing up in Oregon or about her time stationed in Germany while she was in the military. My grandma would pull me into the kitchen to teach me how to cook a dish, each step taught with precision and filled with history and memories of her childhood in Argentina.

I remember seeing cooking as a chore when I was younger. Being the oldest of my siblings, it was always something that I was required to help with, pulling me away from reading or play. It wasn’t until I was older that I began to appreciate all of the skills I’ve learned from my grandma and mom and the many other women in my life.

Stories and food have become my happy place. They have given me a love for places I’ve never been, helped me learn from experiences that weren’t my own, and I believe they are the best ways to connect with people.

Random Facts

I’ve read The Hobbit more times than I can remember. (I’ve watched the LOTR trilogy even more times than that.)
Soup and bread are my favorite things to cook.
I wanted to be a zoologist, cinematographer, and archaeologist before deciding that I wanted to be a writer. I was convinced that writing wasn’t a job and was something that I could only do in my free time.
I love learning and would take college classes all the time if I was able to.
I have an obsession with k-dramas and BBC shows.
I love reading about different personalities. I’m an enneagram 7w8, INFP, and a Gemini.
I love the idea of gardening, but I am terrified of spiders.
I think fresh flowers are the best way to brighten up a home.
My favorite summer activity is opening up the windows and playing holdem with family while eating homemade guac and salsa.